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Randy Jones (DJ Haze)

On Air:
  • Haze was born in Fox Hills, California, to Rodney and Sheila Jones on August 27th 1980. Haze was raised on the streets of Watts and Compton, CA. Attended Martin Luther King Elementary School, Bunch Junior High, and Centennial High School, all located in the Compton Unified School District. Many gangs (Crips and Bloods) where in and surrounded the neighborhoods, Haze never chose to join one. He had much love for his friends that did join gangs, but chose to have his life go in a different direction.

    In his early years beginning at 5, he was always into music; he would stand in the front yard dancing like Michael Jackson and was also in a Gospel Rap Group called the Ringing Rappers for Christ. In 1995, Haze moved from Compton to Pomona, CA and attended Claremont and Ganisha High School, where the diversity was much larger than Compton, CA. He still loved music, but was not involved in making or working with it until 1997 when he moved to Green Bay WI to live with his Uncle Flip. DJ Haze’s uncle Flip and Cousin Reese where producers of music and DJ’s for many years. This is where DJ Haze got his first taste of the turntables; he would just play around learning beat counts and mixing songs. Haze started mostly working with house music, at the time as it seemed easier to mix. At this time Haze was attending Ashwaubenon High School, every party he attended would lead to him having control of the music. From then on Haze knew he wanted to be the person to keep the party going by controlling the music and the party atmosphere.

    Hip Hop is a favorite of DJ Haze, he also has an ear for all varieties of music, including House, Techno, R&B, Country, Pop, and more. Currently linking up with Pee Wee (CEO) he is now the head DJ of On Da Right Trak production, he has done Money Train Vol. 1 mixtape, Working with artist such as DeVante, Keleze, Yolks, Baby J, Rozay Rell, NFL Cartel (AB and U.S. Da Postman), Iszy and More. With the expansion of On Da Right Trak, Haze will be working with, AVG Boyz, Kid Blizz (Kids Play Mixtapes), My Way Records and much more. Working with On Da Right Trak, DJ Haze has expanded out to other markets such as Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Madison, and future show in Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis. Look out for DJ Haze mixtapes and other events.