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JD Daniels
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      Fox Valley guy born and raised! I grew up on a diary farm, went to a teeny tiny rural school and was the shy kid in class, but I ruled in kickball! I came out of my shell in high school and more in college where I majored in Radio/TV/Film and Theatre. I fell in love with radio in high school listening to WIXX and the Top at 9, so being part of the team now is a total dream come true! It's nice to be back in Northeast Wisconsin after working in the Stevens Point area the last few years.

      Random tidbits: I have 2 awesome kids, very supportive parents and family, I could eat pizza everyday (double pepperoni), love Mountain Dew, Doritos and chocolate, and believe it not, I've been told I look like everyone from Kurt Cobain to Zac Brown to Robin Williams. Crazy huh?!? Oh and of course I love music! All types! It if makes you move or feel something, it's good in my book!