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CRAIGSLIST CREEP OF THE WEEK: We Didn't Know That These People Existed. Meet Jonathan

by Jake Kelly

(The actual call to CraigslistJonathanis below)

(above audio is the email Jake & Tannr read on air)

Tannr found an ad on craigslist and emailed this craigslist guy as "Nancy." The guy a few days later contacted him back with his phone number. Tannr begged Jake Kelly to call him on the air as "Nancy" (Audio of the call below)

What it reads:

Let me just start by saying this post will not be for everyone.

I'm a 36 year old male that has a regular life. Respectful career, nice home and lots of friends. I am not looking for the love of my life on here or a girlfriend nor a one nightstand. I am simply looking for a female in her 30's to 40's to pass gas on me.

Again I know this sound weird, but I am not. I am willing to pay....well. I will send pictures and my phone number so you can talk to me and see for yourself that I'm not a creepy craigslist guy.

email if interested.





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