Otis Day and Jake Kelly image

Otis vs. Jake - Vote 2012!

These are important times. Tough decisions have to be made. And mud needs to be slung. Who better to sling it than Otis Day and Jake Kelly? If you missed their debate, catch the highlights video below. Then take a moment to get each candidate's position before making your choice. And choose wisely, 'cause these two kind of scare us.

Bad Jake!

Need I say more?

Cat-hater Kelly

Save a kitten, vote for Otis!

Is Jake Kelly a Wisconsin native?

Let's see the birth certificate, Kelly!

Killer Kelly

What's in Jake Kelly's past?

Jake Kelly's dual identity!

Is it legal to have two first names?

Hate Is a Strong Word, But...

You're not his favorite.

What's So Funny?

His campaign?

In the Middle of the Night

Show some consideration, Kelly!

Poor Joe!

It wasn't what it seemed. Not at all.

Whoa! Lighten Up!

You kiss babies with that mouth?

Vote for Otis!

App-hater Otis

What's next? Texting?

Otis Day - Mr. Criminal Intent

Need I say more?

The Audacity of Soap

A word from Mr. Clean.

Gym, Schmym!

Gym shirkers unite!

Brotherly Love? Hardly!

Can't we all just get along?

The Company He Keeps

Guilt by association.

What FCC?

At a loss for words.

Mr. Nobody

At a loss for awards.

Happy Birthday! Boom!

Back away from the candles!

What's Not To Love?

Oh, if only babies could vote!

Vote for Jake!