Piano Man

Billy Joel
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Travelin' Prayer    
Piano Man Lyrics Buy
Ain't No Crime    
You're My Home    
The Ballad of Billy the Kid    
Worse Comes to Worst    
Stop in Nevada    
If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)    
Somewhere Along the Line    
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Introduction by Ed Sciaky    
Falling (live)    
Intro to Travelin' Prayer    
Travelin' Prayer (live)    
Intro to Billy the Kid    
The Ballad of Billy the Kid (live)    
Intro to She's Got a Way    
She's Got a Way (live)    
Intro to Everybody Loves You Now    
Everybody Loves You Now (live)    
Intro to Nocturne    
Nocturne (live)    
Station Id and Intro to Turnaround    
Turnaround (live)    
Intro to Long, Long Time    
Long, Long Time (live)    
Intro to Captain Jack    
Captain Jack (live)    
Intro to Josephine    
Josephine (live)    
Intro to Rosalinda    
Rosalinda (live)    
Tomorrow Is Today (live)    

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