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WWII Bomber Jacket Found at a Goodwill Store and Original Owner was Found

by Tommy Fox

90-year-old World War Two veteran, Robert Arand, has been living in Cincinnati, Ohio since he came home from the war, where he flew over 40 missions in the Pacific

Around 1950, Robert’s wife was cleaning their house and decided to donate his leather bomber jacket to a charity because she felt that he didn’t wear it enough, except in veteran’s parades.  Let’s just say Robert was NOT a happy husband.

NOW, more than 60 years later, Robert is getting his jacket back. Last week, a military history collector, John Dodds, was shopping at a Goodwill store in Washington, D.C.

While he was there he found Robert’s jacket, and bought it for a whole $17. Then he realized it was an authentic bomber jacket and not a replica. John was then able to track it back down to Robert in only a day. They talked on the phone and John is now shipping it back to Robert.

This shows that there are still nice people out there. It also go to show that you can find ANYTHING at a Goodwill!!!!