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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday June 12th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So the movie set of Transformers 4 is causing problems….down in Texas a 100 year old neighborhood house caught fire accidentally because of the movie set’s use of pyro-technics.  Ya know, because Transformers 4 would fail if it didn’t have a ton of explosions everywhere.

Rachel Uchitelis going crazy in defense after he hubbys allegations…..her husbandMatt Hahnsays he's the victim of "cruel and inhumane treatment”….It all stems from Rachel calling the cops last month after the two got into a heated argument that ended with Matt calling her names and Rachel striking back with a few slaps.  Matt has nowfiled for divorce and wants full custody of their 1-year-olddaughter, as well as child and spousal support.  He even wants her to pay his health and life insurance…..she’s claiming his statements are defamatory.  That’s going to be an ugly one.

Jennifer Anniston and her Fiance bought a 21 million dollar Bel Air home.  The renovations are now done and they decided to keep one of the original things……All the Chicken Coops.  Right, seriously, Chicken Coops….They have a ton of them and are excited to keep them.  It sounds weird I know….you usually don’t hear Bel Air Mansion and Chicken Coops in the same sentence.  Well, have fun with that Jen.

Ke$ha says people expect her to be drunk most hours of the day.  Which is ridiculous.  She's drunk ALL hours of the day.