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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday July 31st 2013

by Tommy Fox

George Zimmerman got pulled over for speeding…and dashcam caught all of it…Zimmerman is still armed and pudgy…..he politely informed the cop that he has a firearm in his glove box….I guess he had a permit and he was sent on his way….

How about this for a little soap opera spin……A woman named Lauren Silverman is almost 3 months pregnant with Simon Cowells child….here is the catch though….Lauren is the wife of one of Simon Cowells best friends…real estate mogul Andrew Silverman…..Now, Lauren and Andrew have been going through a divorce for a while but it is not official yet by any means…..I guess my question is….Are Simon and Andrew still friends….does Andrew Care?  There’s no word on if it has created any bad blodd….wierd…

Michael Phelps is not closing the door on competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  In other exciting swimming news . . . the other day Ryan Lochte successfully spelled the word "cat."