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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wed June 26th 2013

by Tommy Fox

The big story today NFL Patriots Tight End Hernandez formally arrested for murder!  So, this is now the beginning of another huge case.  The whole thing does seem shady and will be a circus…Nancy Grace will have fun with this one…..And no matter what happens…..I call it now that it becomes a lifetime movie.

And Chris Browns hit and run accuser who is a woman from Russia said Chris scared her to death because he was driving a big vehicle and had a lot of tattoos!  …..lol…..scary stuff.

Paula Deen!!  Now Dropped from WALMART!!  Ooh…her world is crashing down hard…I venture to say that was a big one for her bank account.

Kim and Kanye say they named their daughter "North West" because they wanted "something inspiring." Is it just me, or would've literally naming her "Something Inspiring" been better than this?