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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday May 21st 2013

by Tommy Fox

Ashley Tisdale just got granted a 5000 Yard restraining order!  Man, you can’t even go to the gas station by her house with that one.  Obsessed creeper fan Nicholas Fiore has sent her over 18,000 tweets since 2012 and has tried to enter her home a few times, once posing as a delivery man.  I guess lately he’s made some creepy subtle innuendos about guns and death…so she felt a restraining order was definitely needed….see these are why we should all appreciate NOT being famous.

…And if you haven’t heard already, co-founder of the Doors Ray Manzarek passed away after a long battle with cancer.  He played keyboard for the group, was surrounded by family when he died.  He was 74…..

Kathy Lee Gifford is throwing a fit and won’t let Matt Lauer leave the Today Show.  She claims Matt has been demonized and blamed by the media ever since Anne Curry was fired.  She said she’ll do whatever she can to keep him on “TODAY”.  You go Kathy! 

Miley Cyrus was photographed leaving Justin Bieber's studio.  They may be recording together.  Or just comparing haircuts.