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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday May 14th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Not sure if you’re a Days Of Our Lives fan or not…the Soap Opera that’s been going for EONS….but Dylan Patton is an Actor on Days that just got busted for being a Cocaine dealer.  Yep, just sold it out of his house…..not the smartest idea…I’m sure that’s going to screw up his acting career a little.  Another celeb setting an example of what NOT to do….

Barbara Walters officially announces she will retire next year.  Some people may actually care…..most people won’t

And did you hear that Angelina Jolie has surgically removed both of her breasts….to avoid Cancer.  She found out she was susceptible to breats cancer, so she just got rid of them, and of course had them reconstructed!  She’s very happy Brad has fully supported her….which…if you think about it….aesthetically they probably look more perfect than ever, which I’m sure Brad doesn’t mind, but it’s also not a bad idea that I think we will see more of…..if you think about it, it takes one major worry out of play…..AND LOOKS REALLY HOT IN THE END!