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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday June 25th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Chris Brown is in hot water again for a hit & Run last month.  It was the minor fender bender where he rear-ended a Mercedes, but I guess he was unwilling to give up his driver’s license number and gave bogus insurance info.  The city attorney has filed two charges on him now of a hit and run.  Jail able up to 6 months per offense and it could also be a probation violation too….so realistically he could be looking at actual jail time.  Ouch.

Miley Cyrus is blackmailing her dad.  She posted on twitter that since he won’t answer her texts to tell her the truth before she tells it for him for the world to see.  She is referring to a relationship he has going with a mystery woman.  This is all after peace was made with Tish cyrus after a nasty announcement of divorce filings……Wow, Miley getting all hardcore with pops!  Using the media as her weapon….only a viable tool when your famous.

Justin Bieber fell down a flight of stairs.  I guess he’s OK, but there’s some Karma for ya.  Not enough though.

Kristen Stewart just got a new tattoo, and shockingly it’s NOT a tramp stamp that says “Homewrecker”.