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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday June 20th

by Tommy Fox

Cristina Torre who is the daughter of former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre made a great catch.  A one year old stuck on a fire escape between the second and third floor fell and Cristina caught the baby effortlessly!  She was getting coffee and a guy runs in to tell someone to call 911 and she ran out and stood under where the child seemed to be…the baby fell and she made the catch.  The baby is totally fine.  Nice job Cristina!

Miranda Cosgrove, who is most famous for her role as ICARLY is suing the transportation company regarding her 2011 bus crash saying she has been permanently disfigured.  Although she didn’t specify what those disfigurements were.

A new survey named Miley Cyrus the worst role model for children.  When reached for comment, Cyrus called the survey ridiculous, then fired up another joint, flipped off a cameraman, and flashed her side-boob to some toddlers.