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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday June 13th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Teen Mom gone Porn star Farrah Abraham is now officially a millionaire…so…but also has a crush on Charlie Sheen.  She had crazy flirty text messages too that went public thanks to Charlie.  She was saying, “Hey I think you’re so funny and was wondering if you wanted to get together for a play date with our kids or maybe even coffee or dinner and drinks or something.  Let me know because we should hang out”…..Charlie’s response, “Coffee is for wimps, but yes, would love to get together”…of course you would Charlie, because you already know how that night will end.

Tish Cyrus officially filed for divorce from Billy Ray!  Citing irreconcilable differences just like all other celebritites file!  SO BOIRING…at least in the Recent Rachel Uchitel/Matt Hahn Divorce filing he sited that he’s a victim of “Cruel and inhumane behavior” ….makes it way more interesting….plus it makes you look at Rachel differently too….

Chris Brown Said he LOVES BEING THE GUY THAT EVERYONE HATES!  Well alright Chris…..I guess that one worked out well then!