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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday August 1st 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Justin Biebers Best Friend Lil Twist has been named in a police report and accused of battery at Biebs Mansion.  It actually happened really early this morning.  A woman was at Biebers house at 3:30 this morning….so it was obviously the after-party…she decided it was time to take off, but when she tried to leave according to the report Twist Forcefully grabbed her arm in an aggressive manner and tried to force her to stay….well that moment convinced her to drive to the nearest Sherrifs Office and file a report….now cops are investigating the incident….Justin was not at home at the time….So….yeah technically Bieber, again won’t be implicated, but it’s still his Posse making him look bad, as usual..Nice going Twist.

Lindsay Lohan is being clear she has no plans to cut her father out of her life….she stated that despite his many flaws he’s actually a very positive influence on her, and wants him to be a big part of her rebuilding herself after Rehab…Awww……that’s nice….some Lohan family bonding.

So I broke the story yesterday and it’s all over the place today about Simon Cowell expecting a child with his buddy’s wife,  Well, this could seriously tarnish his reputation.  Unless he's running for office in New York, then it’s all good I guess.