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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday May 6th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Jake mentioned this earlier, but if you didn’t hear…..Maxims Hot 100 is coming out and although the list hasn’t officially been released yet, it’s no secret that MILEY CYRUS is the one TOPPING THE LIST!!  She mentioned it and was all flattered by it on her twitter.  Does it make sense?  Kinda…if you saw the picture….it is pretty hot, but one thing is for sure….it’s probably the final step in her goal of getting away from her goody goody Disney Channel child star aura.

Martha Stewart….a lot of people talking about her MATCH.COM adventurte the past few days….mostly because you NEVER hear of a celebrity of any kind involved with online dating.  I guess she has gotten a few thousand responses.  Only a few possibilities out of all of em…..I guess she had to throw one out because he was only 34…haha…….see this is just a Today Show interview waiting to happen if she finds her new love on  MATCH.COM……regardless I bet the guy will learn some new crafty things from her.

Ellen DeGeneres posted a picture of Cher and her in matching see-through body suits…because if there is one thing Ellen loves…it’s scantily clad women!