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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday May 20th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So we just got out of the opening weekend for The New Star Trek Movie which did pretty well with critics but it opened a little lower relatively speaking than the last Star Trek Movie….not sure if that’s a sign of a slowly dying franchise or not…..I only know one Trekky, and he thought the film was AWESOME!!  Obviously….

Howard Stern bought a $52 million home in Florida

. . . Up until now, hardly anyone knew about it because he only told like 4 people….they call those 4 people his satellite radio audience.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won Best Rap for"Thrift Shop".  Now the fun really begins:  how long can they milk one hit before they have to shop in a real one?

J-Lo performed"Live it Up"with Pitbull. 

Fun. won for Top Rock Artist. 

Psy and Tracy Morgan performed a dance off.  I'm not sure who won.  But I definitely know who lost:  me . . . for watching.