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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday June 3rd 2013

by Tommy Fox

Bruce Jenner….I guess his memory his going fast at 63 years old and his stepdaughter Kim is very upset about it.  He told Extra over the weekend that he has met her man Kanye West once….when in fact it has been many more times than once.  TMZ themselves sited 4 times.  Here’s an idea Kim, maybe his memory isn’t going and he just doesn’t like Kanye, because he has made it subtly clear in the past he doesn’t….and guess what Kim….he doesn’t have to either…..I’ll tell ya what, I’m not sure that I could spend more than an hour in the same room as Kim and Kanye because I would suffocate from the thickness of narcissism in the air.

Adam Corolla is being sued by his best friend of 30 years!  His best bud Donny who even helped him in his rise of media fame was let go in 2011 when Adam went with Business Managers…He sued Adam for breach of contract…still pending ...and now…photos in his new book…taken by Donny….He’s being sued over for copyright…and Donny wants…destruction of the books not sold!  Another example of how fame and money can destroy friendships.

Lindsay Lohan wants to star in a film adaptation of"50 Shades of Grey" after rehab…..I’m not sure what to think about that, but I think they can do better.