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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday June 24th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Justin Biebers manager has stated that he should go to Rehab!  Whatever, as if that’s going to help.  Pot smoking, drinking and partying…as odd as it sounds are not the primary problem here.  The problem is his sense of egomaniacal entitlement and blatant disrespect for those who don’t kiss his butt and worship him……And….I don’t think they actually have a rehab for that problem.

Chris brown is being accused of assaulting a woman at a nightclub.   Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim where he performed that night.  He was in VIP and so was his accuser.  She said that he walked by her and violently shoved her to the ground.  She said he was so violent that she may need surgery.  Brown scoffed at it and said He didn’t do anything and other sources close to him said he has no idea who would even be making the allegation.  If you think about it, he would be the perfect celeb to try an accuse of a violent shoving….not to mention she seems very eager to make public statements right now and get any media attention she can get inside just a few days….

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham posed for topless photos.  Are you telling me the girl who got pregnant so she could be on a reality show, then made a sex tape for the sole purpose of clawing her way onto the D-list may have done something in questionable taste?  No way!