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Tommys FOXERAZZI Monday June 10th 2013

by Tommy Fox

Tim Tebow!  So many people said...after he got let go from the Jets...that his NFL career was probably over.  Not so much, because he's signing with the Patriots!  Now, there is another guy on that team that knows how to throw a football very well named Tom Brady.  What the exact plan for Tebow is, nobody knows yet....but hey, he'll still be in the NFL and get paid.  So it's a win win regardless.

Justin Bieber.  I guess he's giving the Ferarri a break, but this is what I don't understand....he "SAYS" he hates the paparazzi attention and wants privacy.  Yet, he's now driving around an Audi R8 that has a LEOPORD paint job.  The car looks like a giant AUDI LEOPARD.  Well Justin, after all of your reckless driving, that should help you stand out nicely to the police.

Kim Kardashian lashed out at the paparazzi for bothering her.  She was probably bothered that they weren't taking enough pictures of her.