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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday July 1st 2013

by Tommy Fox

Aaron Hernandez has been put in solitary confinement….for his own safety…..they don’t want to run the risk of other inmates trying to get some notoriety for hurting Hernandez……outside of that his lawyer says that considering Aaron went from 7000 square feet to a 10 by 7 cell, he’s doing fine, staying perfectly calm and has made no special requests…..well that’s nice….Good little inmate there.

Pharrel is suing Will I Am because Will I AM sent a cease and desist to PHARREL regarding PHARRELS launch of his youtube channel I AM OTHER.  WILL I AM supposedly has ALL rights to ANYTHING with I AM in it.  However, Pharrel didn’t back down and decided to SUE WILL I AM for trying to stop him! 

Kanye West reportedly won't change his newborn's diapers.  I don't blame him.  Have you heard his new album?  He's already dealing with enough crap.

A diabetes drug maker has cut ties with Paula Deen.  Actual diabetes, however, is still staying by her side.