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Tommy's FOXERAZZI June 18th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Charlie Sheen is all Hell-Bent with Anger Management.  He went into to work yesterday and demanded that Selma Blair be FIRED ASAP or he quits the show!  Bold move from the warlock given the fact he stands to make 75 to 100 Million off the run of the show.  I guess he’s wanted her canned for a while because he has gotten sufficient evidence that she constantly talks crap behind his back and trashes him to others.  I’m curious to find out how this one turns out.

Kris Jenner says that Kim Kardashian's baby is beautiful . . . and by "beautiful", she means worth millions!

Justin Bieber has been cleared of the paparazzi hit and run.  Obviously, I have come to the conclusion he doesn’t drive his ferarri anymore and it’s always his little besty…..but speaking of the Biebs…he attended the release party for Kanye West's new album.  Kanye invited Biebs because for once he wanted to know what it was like not to be the biggest tool in the room.