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Tommy's FOXERAZZI July 16th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So after an autopsy it’s official that Cory Montieth died from a mixture of Heroin and Alchohol.  Definitley a deadly combo….31 years old….just sad, why do so many celebs get into these issues.  Sad deal.

And Justin Bieber!!  Unreal, you’d think that at least a week would go by before another incident with him…NOPE!  HE spit on someone again!...Allegedly.  The victim was the DJ at THE SOCIAL ROOM in Ohio.  He was on the radio in Columbus and said that Biebers Bouncers approached him and demanded he doesn’t take any photos…..and he hadn’t and wasn’t trying to but whatever……than the Bieber bouncers came back again and stole his phone from him and looked through it for pictures….didn’t find any, but SEEMINGLY Still told Justin that he was trying to take photos…so what does Justin do?....He approaches the DJ, Trashes the DJ’s mother for no reason, then trashes the DJ’s father for no reason, then trashes him…AND THEN SPIT IN HIS FACE……let’s see, that’s the 3rd time Justin has been accused of spitting in someones face!  Kinda makes me wanna spit in his…..just to see him get angry.

 Kanye West is angry that his music video was released before it was finished.  It joins a list of other things that Kanye is angry about, like plants, butterflies, you, me, and air.