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Tommy's FOXERAZZI Friday June 7th 2013

by Tommy Fox

So Jose Canseco has been cleared of alleged charges in his sexual assult case.  Thing is, you gotta take that stuff seriously, but he was adamant from the start that it was bogus and so was his ex of 4 years.  After the investigation, polygraph tests, talking to witnesses and looking at pictures etc…..they realized that Jose was totally innocent as he and his ex of 4 years said the day it came out.

"The Internship"is out today: . . . In real life, middle-aged men seeking internships is a sobering by-product of a stalled economy and bleak financial future.  But hey, I'm sure Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn can make it hilarious.

Jay Cutler and Kritin Cavallari are finally getting married.  They got everything needed doen at the court house today in order to tie the knot and the ceremony is this weekend.  Congrats Jay, but the Bears still suck.