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The Eight Reasons We'd Want Mom to Move in Instead of Dad

by Tommy Fox

According to a new survey, 70% of adults do NOT want either one of their parents to move in with them when they get older.  But if they HAD to pick one, two thirds say they'd pick MOM.  Here are the eight reasons why:  

1.  Mom would help more with cooking and cleaning.- Let’s face it, Dad can only cook on the grill otherwise he burns everything.

2.  Mom would be better with the kids.-Dad would be sleeping the whole time.

3.  Dad has worse hygiene than Mom-Who wouldn’t like the smell of flowers over the smell of oil/MacDonald’s/dirt/stale dirty clothes?

4.  Dad is more likely to say inappropriate things. – Can’t argue with that one.

5.  Mom would be neater.- That’s because we don’t ever clean our house up to Mom’s standards.

6.  Dad is lazier than Mom.- unless Dancing w/ The Stars is on.

7.  Dad would want to control the TV- He’s going to want to watch the NASCAR race instead of Disney movies with the kids.

8.  Mom is a better listener.-IF you can get her to stop talking.