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After A Study, RUDENESS in America is a National Crisis

by Tommy Fox

According to a new survey, 70% of us think RUDENESS is a national CRISIS.  95% of us agree the country has a rudeness problem, and the average person deals with 17 acts of rudeness per week . . . or between two and three instances every day.

Half of those happen online.  So for the first time, Americans say the INTERNET is the main culprit, with 70% of people agreeing that it's causing more people to be disrespectful in general.  Here are five more things the survey found.

1.  48% of people have unfriended or blocked someone on Facebook because they were rude.  And 50% of people have ended a friendship in REAL LIFE because of it.

2.  87% agree it's rude to be on the phone while you're talking to someone in person . . . 86% say answering your phone during a meal is impolite . . . and 76% think talking too loudly on your phone in PUBLIC is rude.

3.  72% think swearing is rude, and 63% think there's more cursing going on than ever before.  Although, it's okay if you're among friends, in which case only 5% find it rude.

4.  26% of people have quit a job because of a disrespectful work environment.

5.  81% believe America's general level of rudeness is causing more VIOLENCE.

Source:  (PR Newswire/WeberShandwick.com)