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Truck Crashing into a Train

by Lauri Loewenberg

“Dreaming is a journey of unthinkable dimensions.”  - Carlos Castenada 

Dear Lauri,
I just had a horrific dream that I saw a red pickup truck speed past me and drive right into a train. I covered my daughter’s eyes from seeing the crash that happened right in front of us. After the impact I went to the police station and the dispatcher said that someone already reported it. Oh but the truck made it thru the train but it was all broken up. And not sure but the man driving the truck was singing really loud and I could hear him as he drove by.   – Sigourney 28, Ottawa, OH

Lauri: The crash represents something that has recently and greatly impacted you, something that came "crashing" into your life metaphorically. Why a train? It could mean that this issue has crashed into your normal "train" of thought. Is it on your mind a lot? Or it could mean that you felt you were on "the right track" until this mess happened. It is important that it is a pickup truck in the dream as opposed to another type of vehicle because it is a message that you need to "pick up" and carry on.

Sigourney replies: Wow. That is so exact! Last week I went to my apartment that I hadn't been staying at due to flood damage and found out I had been robbed! Literally everything was gone: books, pictures off of the walls, sheets, blankets, all of my daughter’s clothes, you get the hint. The robbery is all I have been thinking of. And now that you say all of that, I have been "covering" my daughter from this. In the dream I covered her eyes and in waking life I haven't allowed her to really see what's going on. But you’re right, now it’s all about picking up pieces and waiting for insurance to come thru so I can get new furniture because we have nothing left. That is amazing. Thank you!

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