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Ghost Imposters

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed I was part of a group of people sent to a lady's home because she was being harassed by "ghosts". Turns out the "ghosts" were neighbors dressed up in wool ghost costumes trying to scare her out of her house. We had fun driving the people in ghost costumes out. It was all very Scooby-Doo. After we got rid of the "ghosts" the lady of the house was able to return to her garden, which is where I woke up.   – Chris 38, Salem, MA

Is there anything that has been bothering or "haunting you” lately, something that turned out to be not what you thought, and in fact not as bad as you thought? Since you were in a group in the dream, this may be connected to a waking issue that involves several people rather than just you.  Also, the ghost’s costumes were made of wool. That’s a significant detail. Has anyone been trying to pull the wool over your eyes lately? Or have you gone in to some issue or project “blind” so to speak? In the dream you were able to get rid of the ghost imposters, which suggests in real life you have been able to rid yourself of this bothersome issue. And the lady being able to get back to her garden may really be the way your dreaming mind is telling you, now that this issue is over with, it’s time to get back to more productive and fruitful things in your life.

Chris replies:
I had a big project at work that wrapped this past weekend. I did go in somewhat blind and with a “who knows” attitude. It all could have been a wreck but it turned out smoothly and yes, I do have other projects I can now and should focus on. Thanks!

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