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What Does One Do With A Rolled Up $20?

by Nick Vitrano

So the great hope of Cleveland, Johnny Manziel, spent the long 4th of July weekend in Vegas. That's not a crime. Nor is rolling up a $20 bill in a bathroom. Unlike many in court of public opinion,I'm not convicting Johnny Manziel of anything, but I do have to ask...have you ever rolled up a $20 bill (or any denomination, for that matter)? I can't think of any reason to roll up a bill other than, well, that. Maybe he was rolling it up for a friend. "Winkie"

Why would Johnny Manziel be rolling a $20 bill in the bathroom...Who nose? Lol pic.twitter.com/V8uBG48dqP

Craig Sager II (@CraigSagerJr) July 7, 2014