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If loving this picture is wrong…

by Nick Vitrano

It is Halloween?  Good of Justin Bieber to show up to the Heat/Pacers game 7 in full Rob Van Winkle throwback costume.  Actually, that might be unfair to Vanilla Ice.  I don’t think Ice was ever that spanky lookin’:

Photo: Creative Commons

There are so many questions.  Where to begin?

#1 – Is that leather lined with anything?  Like, what happens when a guy sweats in a leather shirt?

#2 – Do the pants come with the shirt?  Is that a matching set?  If so, where does a guy get that?  If not, well done finding separates that don’t clash.  That’s not easy with black and especially black leather (I've heard).

#3 – That’s a nice hat.  Does it come in your size?

#4 – Dog tags?  Really?  

#5 – Are you wearing lip gloss?

#6 – What’s the story on that pinkie?  That’s a pretty bent up mess.

The dude is a total mess...and I can't get enough of it.  Yo go, Biebs.  If loving this picture is wrong, I don’t want to be right!