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Carry On

by Robb Reel

I have days.

Days when I don't want to get up.  Days when I feel overburdened and overwhelmed.  Days when I am just so consumed by anger, defeat, depression, hate, frustration, failure and even fear.

Days that I just do want to go on.

We all do.

"Each of us is broken/Somewhere deep inside
But we're really not that different/When you strip away the pride."

And so I carry on.

I can, in part, because of stories like this one:

Every life is filled with complication and hardship but, if you're sitting at a computer reading this, or holding a smartphone or tablet, how bad can it really be?

Maybe you just need a little help with the load.

Whatever you are carrying today, think of how these three people carried each other.

And carry on.