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Really? They Sell Sheboygan Brats at Candlestick Park? And What's a Vomitory and Why Do They Have One?

by Paul Heling

Check out these shots from inside Candlestick yesterday.  Seems they sell Sheboygan brats there. And it looks like the guy behind the counter has a Packers shirt on too.

And WTH is a vomitory?   Crazy Californians...

Actually Wikipedia  says this.  Still thinking a different name would have been better.

vomitorium is a passage way under or in back of seats in a stadium where large crowds can leave at the end. Vomitorium (Latin) comes from the verb vomeo, vomere, vomitum, "to spew forth." In ancient Roman architecturevomitoria were designed to provide rapid egress for large crowds.