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Monday after game, proves to be interesting.

by Jason Miller

So there were a few things I promised.  My take on the back up quarter back situation and some great audio from Golden Tate plus a little extra.

Lets start with the Back Up QB situation for the Green Bay Packers.  One piece of the issue has been dealt with and that would be Graham Harrell.  Was Harrell a good QB, ummmmm, sure he was an NFL back up for a few years and knew the playbook and was great in the community but a back up to Aaron Rodgers...in my humble opinion, No.  BJ Coleman...WOW I don't know where to start, wait yes I do.  Lets talk about the three passes early in his audition in the Seattle game where two of his receivers just plan old dropped the ball.  I'm sure the coaches saw that and then of course the opppssss on the drive that would have tied the game, I know the coaches saw that.  Again good QB but no game experience.  At the end of the day, you want a player who has seen it before so in December when Atlanta comes to town and Rodgers is hurt...you really want Harrell or Coleman handling the team?  Me either and that is why Vince Young will be your back in QB in Green Bay.  He has seen it.  Young saw it early, with success and has seen the dark side of this game in recent years.  But at the end of the day, I want a QB who will pull it down and run for ten yards rather than try to fight a ball in the space that only a handful of QB's can put it.  Some say he's a head case.  You got me, but his head and feet, right now, are better than Coleman and obviously Harrell.

Next on the list was Golden Tate's view of the Green Bay Packer fans.  With this audio I am sure that you will agree, it's not the fans that need to get over it.  Although we do need to get over it.  But Tate calls some of the fans in Green Bay.....well it will sound better coming from him.

Now for another cool inside the visiting interview room.  I give to you once considered the greatest QB the University of Wisconsin Badgers has seen in decades.  He was cool, answered questions very well and at the end says, War Hawks...I'd like to think he was thinking of my beloved UW-Whitewater Warhawks...but I know it was a Seahawks thing:

It's all been covered for this game.  Now we get to look forward to the kicking battle that is sure to end badly for one.  My early prediction, Mason Crosby is going to be your kicker.  Last pre-season game will mean a lot for some and for some it will be an early night and they can sit, stand or both for two and half hours of their lives.  With a little extra, till the Redskins come to town , I'm Jason Miller, the Visiting Locker Room guy.