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Little frost in the air

by Jason Miller

So I'm sitting here at the game just waiting for the excitement to start when I notice after a jaunt from the parking area for the media, that there is a bite in the air.  Then I get to my seat and notice a good amount of frost on the field.  So I figure what a better way to talk about the game today.  I see this game being very close.  Neither defense can stop so some scoring is going to happen and I see it mostly on the ground.  I see AP getting about 175 yards and Lacy around 150.  Here's the deal, even though Tolzien made some mistakes last game.  I see him making less than whom ever the Vikings put out there.  I see a 31-28, Mason Crosby wins it from 40 out.  Happy hunting to all the hunters and have a great game Packer fans!  Just the humble opinion from the Visiting Side of Things Reporter, Jason Miller.