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Bears - Packers From the Visiting Side of Things

by Jason Miller

How many of us in Packer country like the Bears?  How many of us think the media are more than likely a bunch of conceded jerks?  How many of us think the players are just horrible because of the jersey they put on for the game?  Do I have lots of questions?  Yes I do.  And I hope to answer them for you in this addition of from the Visiting Side of Things.

Let me address the first question.  I, as a fan do not like the Bears.  I think they have had one great year in my lifetime and that 1985.  Now to be completely honest I was a closet Walter Payton fan, but I think there were many more of those than will admit.  But my allegiance has always been with the Packers.

The media from Chicago, NOT conceded jerks.  They were the kindest and most helpful media group that I have encountered in my 10 years of covering the visiting locker-room at Lambeau.  Surprised, you should be.  This year, a lot of the media were helpful in moving chairs for me and my wheelchair to get through the locker-room.  Not was it the media, but their PR folks were SO nice as well.  It was weird for me.  There were many more camera's for this game, due to the fact that it was a bigger media draw because Chicago is a much bigger place and then you put on top of that it was a Monday Night Football game.  Here is a shot that shows the more than 4 or 5 cameras that are usually in the interview room of the visiting media room.

There were another four behind brown sweater.  Trust me, I'm the brown sweater.

Josh McCown was a great guy.  Very concerned about Rodgers because he is a fellow QB.  I didn't get a pic of him because, well I just forgot to take one, but if you look up Josh McCown in google, you will find one.  So instead I will give you a shot of the field while the Bears were on the field before the game.

Why you might be asking are these pictures not rotated, I have no freaking idea, I saved them to be the right way, but let me say this, since Rodgers got hurt, nothing of mine has been working right.

Now to the guys who put the Bears jersey on.  No pics here, but I have lots to say about those players.  Devin Hester, great person.  He was polite, considerate and most of all gave a great interview.  That was the vibe through out the whole locker-room.  So as a Packer fan, it was really hard to go in the locker-room and not expect them to be jerks.  They were all concerned about Rodgers but in the same breath so excited to have won in Lambeau.  Matt Forte, was a very soft spoken guy who was grateful to have had a great game and win.  Offensive line-man, Mills for the Bears.  As big as a brick house but knows his stuff about Bears - Packers rivalry.  He was throwing names like he just had known and been on the team forever, he is a rookie.  The O-Line for the Bears, were all the same.  I will stop gushing all over them and leave you with this thought on the Chicago Bears players, media and organization.  

They are classy.  They are thoughtful.  They are helpful.  But as a Packer fan, they still suck.  From the Visiting Side of Things reporter, I'm Jason Miller