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Vince Young is a Packer.

by Jon Henseler

Preach Stone Cold! Preach! 1,000% the way I felt when I saw we* actually signed Vince Young to a deal yesterday. Also as a sidenote, I'm not sure what I'm more shocked by, the fact that there is a person in this world who spent time finding EVERY Stone Cold 'What?' and compiling them into a 9 minute, 31 second video, or the fact that I watched said video in it's entirety. It's like a cold war between be and David Fernandez as to who can contribute less to the world.

Anyhow I know we tossed this is yesterday's blog but after working out Vince Young the Packers gave him a one year deal yesterday. Now it doesn't sound like ANY money is guaranteed, so if he's a bust we can just cut him, no harm no foul. But I don't get the feeling that's what is going to happen. Remember Ted Thompson actually wanted to draft him if he fell to the Packers at #5 in the 2006 draft. But, the Titans took him at #3 and we got AJ Hawk at #5. So maybe this was just an obsession that Teddy Ballgame couldn't shake? Like when you grow up and still spend money trying to collect your childhood? I remember one time a few years ago I bought a Sega Dreamcast at a used game store just to remember how amped I was when I first got one on 9/9/99. It barely works and I think I've plugged it in once, but I just had to have it. So maybe that's what we've got going on here? Vince Young is like a broken down Sega Dreamcast?

I guess at the end of the day I've been more irked by a backup QB signing (see Couch, Tim and Smith, Akili). And truth be told if Rodgers ever went down for a 4 game stretch I think Vince could probably go 2-2 where Harrell probably goes 1-3 and Coleman goes 0-5. So from that perspective this isn't turrible. But I think we can all agree that if Rodgers is lost for any length of time we're screwed regardless. Plus backup QB's aren't what they used to be. Zeke Bratkowski ain't walking through that door (looks like somebody read the Bart Starr biography)(it was me). Either way it makes the preseason a little more intriguing I suppose. Tune in if it's Vince Young or Graham Harrell who can squeeze a few more pro paychecks out of a dominant college career!

*Yup I said 'we.' And for the people out there who go 'WE did something?! I don't remember you signing a contract' you can just shut the hell up. I pay for jerseys, game tickets and a $250 piece of parchment paper. I'm saying we.