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Tomas Hertl with the hockey goal of the century last night.

by Jon Henseler

Absolute FILTH. Goal of the century. And yes I'm ready to declare that with almost 0 knowledge of hockey and having watched a grand total of maybe 19 minutes over the course of my life. There's just no way it gets better than this. I half expected the 'OHHHH BBBAAAABEEEEYYYYY' guy from those And 1 mixtapes that used to air on the Deuce to show up after he went top shelf. 

Now with all that said, this is the year I'm trying to get 'into' hockey. Like I sort of get into it during playoff time and this year I decided after the Stanley Cup that when October hit I'm going full pink hat. My only problem is I need a team. Like I can't just watch a sport without a rooting interest. I guess I could just gamble on every game and be sort of a bounty hunter fan but that could get pricey. Going primarily on the Admirals connection I think the Predators are in the running. The Blackhawks would make sense proximity wise but I can't hop on the bandwagon of a team that just won the Cup last season. Plus they're from Chicago. I think I might be going Minnesota Wild. Like I hate the Vikings the way Dominic Raiola hates tuba players but I don't mind the Twins really. Plus the Strange Brew World Headquarters cable provider (my parent's cable provider) gets an FSN offshoot and it appears that all it airs is Wild hockey. I know they don't win a ton but I'm a fan of the Bucks so I'm used to that. Now I've just got to work on understanding the rules. I know the rules of the hockey drinking card game inside and out but I don't think they apply here. Like from that frame of reference every Ranger player would need to drink beer until every Shark player told them to stop after the goal. Which actually isn't a horrible idea. Either way it looks like an NHL hockey preview magazine is in my future tax 'write offs'! Brewer, fire up the media room and grab my DVD of The Mighty Ducks stat! We've got a sport to learn!