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Richard Sherman goes full maniac after the Seahawks punch a ticket to the Super Bowl

by Jon Henseler

Why are you so mad Booker T! Not only are you apart of one of the most successful tag teams of all time, you're on your way to the Super Bowl! Take a Xanax or something and relax. Or better yet take a hit of some This is Permanent. It's legal in Washington after all. But there's no need to scream loud noises at the camera and rob the common man of at least 24 more seconds of Erin Andrews on TV. Take it down a notch my man. Samuel Jackson thinks you're being too loud.

PS: Can't reference Harlem Heat and not play this. Without question one of the most underrated wresting intros of all time.

Double PS: This gif (pronounced 'jif') of Pete Carrol as Mr. Peanut makes me hate him 1% less.