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Packers/Bears takes backseat to a collarbone.

by Jon Henseler

Well the last two Monday Night Football games have been a real peach haven't they? Didn't think it could get any worse than Fail Mary but after watching Aaron Rodgers jog off the field and into a medical examination last night I think I'd rather see Golden Tate running around like Kirk Gibson after stealing a win from us. Just unreal the turn of events yesterday. You go from running the win streak to 5 and starting to maybe hone in on a 1st round bye, to bubble playoff team depending on the severity of Rodgers' collarbone. Now ESPN is reporting that it's a small fracture and he is going to be out 3 weeks. Which as far as I'm concerned is a MAJOR bullet dodged. Initially some where thinking 4-6 weeks, or season ending. So chances are you have to navigate Philly, Minnesota, and New York without Rodgers. The question then becomes, is Seneca Wallace your guy for 3 weeks, and if so, can we somehow go 2-1 or 1-2 in that stretch. And based on what I saw last night, yikes. Now granted he sort of got thrown into the fire, and maybe he didn't scramble as much as he would normally because we had no 3rd string QB on the roster and if he went down I think we'd be running the Wing-T, but that arm strength, WOOF. I honestly think we would have needed to get inside the Bears 40 just to have a chance at a Hail Mary last night.

- I don't think I've ever heard Lambeau as quiet as it was when Rodgers was running to the locker room. Bucks mid-week regular season games in December are louder than that.

- Another issue? TJ Lang's concussion. Like clearly that is the SECOND worst injury news, but anything that results in Marshall Newhouse getting on the field is bad news bears as well. Dude puts up about as much resistance as Poland in WWII.

- The upside is that Eddie Lacy is becoming a top 5 back in the league in short order. Running for a buck fifty against stacked boxes all night. Here's his care meter when you put 8 in the box:

- Love Bob McGinn, but to write an article about how the Packers could win without Aaron Rodgers include a picture of Seneca Wallace, and then literally 10 hours later Rodgers is hurt, isn't a good look. Welcome to mush city. Might want to avoid your Twitter account for a few days, lay low for a while and find a good internet hiding space.

- I'm sure Shea McClellan is a good dude, but I want him DEAD! I want his family, DEAD! I want his house burned down!

- The Rodgers injury gets the most publicity for obvious reasons but our tackling last night was flat out turrible. Lombardi would have had an aneurysm. Everybody's grabbing nobody's tackling! Grab, grab, grab! 

So with all that said, where do we go from here? Bottom line on the actual win/loss last night is that Josh McCown, with two weeks to prepare as a starter, was in a way better situation than Seneca Wallace. Now, do we try and sign Matt Flynn even though he's been cut by both the Raiders and Bills? Do we just roll with Scott Tolzien and Wallace and try to navigate three weeks? Or, as the Sporting News is reporting do you call ol' #4? Honestly, let's assume that he's healthy and could take the reigns, if Rodgers were out 6 weeks, you'd have to take Favre over Wallace right? Maybe it's the 10 year old in me (grow up) but I think that would be kind of cool. The ol' gunslinger comes back for one more tour of duty to lead the team to the playoffs! Or he gets sacked in game 1 and literally shatters on the field. Either/or.

PS: Anyone know what time the parade is in Chicago today?