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If you missed it; Alabama/Auburn finish from Saturday is why sports are awesome.

by Jon Henseler

Have a weekend college football! Absolutely thrilling from top to bottom. First of all, Michigan/Ohio State finish was unreal. I know as a Wisco fan it's tough to root for either team, but with his team going nowhere and a chance to disrupt a national title run for their bitter rival, you've gotta give it up for Bradie Hoke going for 2 and the win at the end. Didn't work out, but still, in the words of Bill Raftery, ONIONS DOUBLE ORDER!

And then you had this Alabama/Auburn finish which absolutely moves into Doug Flutie Hail Mary, and The Band is on the Field territory for greatest college football finish ever. And the local radio call is what makes the whole thing work. Like when that color guy screams 'OH MY GOD!' at the :22 second mark I can't help but feel great for him. And the best part about it is that this rivalry is what the whole season is about in Alabama. Like yeah Wisconsin and Minnesota have our battle for the ax and that's all well and good, but I don't think anyone understands the scope of the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama unless you grew up in SEC country. Hell the fact that I just put Auburn's name first would have folks in Alabama rounding up posses and grabbing lynching ropes for me. You know if there was internet in Alabama and they had access to this content. So when you add that to the fact that Auburn just stole 'Bama's shot at a 3 peat it makes this finish even better. 

And the cherry on top are the reaction videos from Auburn and Alabama fans watching the conclusion. Auburn fans basically bathing in Alabama fan's tears. Love it. Sports!

(:55 second guy was my exact reaction when I was 12 to realizing there were naked girls on the internet)

PS: What was Wisconsin's deal on Saturday? Love me some Gary Anderson but the coaching in that game was BRUTAL. Alright kids, we've got two of the best running backs in the country so let's let our BCS hopes rest on the arm of Joel 'Storm Trooper' Stave! And the defense was acting like they'd never seen a hurry up offense before? What is this sorcery!? They're running right up to the line!! Can they do that?!

Double PS: I need a Gus Johnson call of that Auburn return and I needed it yesterday.