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Apparently people don't think they can trust Braun.

by Otto Man

Another day, another "BRAUN EVIL!" story from the "Worldwide Leader" 

As an aside: I FULLY understand where this is coming from, as it is a little slow sports news wise right now, and MLB might well just be taking their sweet time with the other names on the list just to twist the knife in Braun a little more, because frankly once the other names are released nationally he really becomes just a foot note in the larger story. I am a little surprised they haven't gone into full on "NFL Training Camp... and NOTHING else exists" mode yet, and I have a feeling that'll happen after this weekend (Thinking back, I still can't tell if this is more or less annoying than last year at this time when it became "JETS-TEBOW-CENTER" for the entire MONTH of August... it's almost a dead heat.) 

So apparently nobody trusts Ryan Braun anymore. 

In other news: water wet, sun hot. Why anybody "trusts" anyone they don't actually know is a TOTAL mystery to me to begin with. Frankly about the only people who should really care about said story are Brauns agents and the handful of advertising people who hand out endorsements. For the rest of us it's just "SLOW SPORTS NEWS DAY" filler. AND BTW Winning tends to fix things, so once he comes back next year and starts hitting, all shall be well again... well, except with the people who really didn't like him to begin with but tolerated him for the team sake, and with those who live in the deluded fantasy world that everyone on every team they ever root for has to be clean, saintly, and perfect. Probably no forgiveness there. (That second group are the funny one's BTW, as ask them the "Do you think he was the only one on the team taking something? Or that nobody on any of your teams is now? Or that Biogenesis is the only clinic handing out said stuff? Or that the clients who get suspended are the only ones in the game taking something?"... and you either get hemming and hawing or a "Yes!" which answers the "stupid or liar" question for whomever you're dealing with...) 

So if it's a nothing story, why the blog post? On the short list of "Things that continue to bother me" is the following statement, which has been in EVERY ESPN Braun story since the scandal broke: 

"Braun famously attacked the integrity of urine sample collector Dino Laurenzi Jr., whose keeping of Braun's sample for nearly two days before sending it to the lab provided a technicality for the former MVP to escape a 50-game suspension from a positive drug test in 2011." 

(sigh) ESPN really REALLY won't let this point go for some reason... 

So once again, I'm going to toss out the following: YES Ryan Braun attacked the procedure, and the collector, BECAUSE THE PROCEDURE AND COLLECTOR WERE BOTH WRONG! 

Whether the guy tampered with the sample or not (and I lean towards not at this point): 


B. IT MADE ZERO SENSE FOR HIM TO DO SO! (the "Fed-ex wasn't open" defense has been proven to be a lie many, MANY times) 

The parallel here is the OJ case. Did OJ kill his wife? Probably. (Legally I have to say "Probably" there BTW... just try and stick with me) However did that make the HORRIFIC conduct of the LAPD forensics unit collections practices and tactics any less horrific? Absolutely not! After the fact people were RIGHTLY fired and policies were changed. Same should have happened here. Braun being guilty didn't make the fact that he did his job in a slipshot manner ANY better after the fact. (OK so you didn't tamper with the sample... you're still s-canned for making the easily avoidable argument that you even could have unavoidable by not simply doing what you were supposed to!) And I know this much: if I was taking a drug test for anything, I sure as hell wouldn't want whomever the person handling said sample was to take it home for the weekend before it got tested!  

So yes he attacked the guy in his speech, however he was ABSOLUTELY right in doing so. I know ESPN needs to keep making him "EVIL STEROID BOY" but can we get at least a dose of actual journalism in the reporting of said story? PLEASE? 

Then again... if it keeps them out of Jets camp, maybe it's the price to pay (and yeah I know, they apparently just moved the tent up the road to Patriots camp instead this year... at least that team has a chance to do SOMETHING... Maybe that's )