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“Triple Play Triple Threat”

by Nick Vitrano

With so many area teams (and individuals) in action this weekend in several disciplines, it was fun to sift through the many nominations.  From the hardwood to the mat, there is no shortage of preps action. 

When I was growing up, high school athletes performed in relative anonymity.  That is to say: friends, families, and communities rallied around the team, but in the absence of social media and the internet, performances lived on only in oratory, on a family camcorder, and, on rare occasion, in the folds of the newspaper.  Today, entire cable networks are dedicated to preps sports – online outlets specialize in everything high school sports.  Brilliant. 

Today’s WIXX Preps Pick comes from one of these online outlets…one of the best, most comprehensive preps websites you’ll find in any locale in any state: WisSports.net . 

Congratulations to Zach Jensen of Brillion who was featured this week in a really nice WSN piece.  Check it out HERE

Best of luck to all of our area teams and athletes this weekend.  Keep your nominations coming HERE  and don't forget to #WIXXPreps your photos on Instagram.