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by Nick Vitrano

There is an undeniable purity that exists on the high school playing field, unlike that which you will find anywhere else in athletic competition. No paycheck.  No guarantees.  No endorsement deals.  No names on the backs of the jerseys.  It’s pure, unadulterated, love of the game that drives the high school athlete.  Perhaps therein lies the greatest source of pride for all of us who cheer them on.

As the weather turns (sort of…it’s going to be in the 90s next week), so too do our thoughts back-to-school and back to the logo, a return to that font of pride. 

Many will compete in relative obscurity, save their families who caravan to a golf course 30 miles away to run the dew covered course with their cross country son or daughter.  Many will compete under the Friday night lights for the entire town.  But regardless who may witness the spectacle, this much is true: the logo and the school colors forever live in the hearts of those who compete and in the souls of we who root for their triumph. 

For the competitors and the fans alike…this page, this feature is for you.  Each Friday morning at 7, we will highlight a game or a school or an individual or a fan photo (heck, the possibilities are endless) that you have brought to our attention.  Holler at your high school, folks, then listen back and check here for the WIXX Prep Picks.  Welcome to the page HERE .