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That Was Then…

by Nick Vitrano

* Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began. 

* The NFL divided into 2 5-team divisions.

* Prohibition ended.

* FDR was inaugurated as the 32nd President of the United States.

* The board game Monopoly as we came to know it was created.

* Congress passed the 1st minimum wage law – 33 cents per hour.

* Lou Gehrig set the iron man standard (eventually broken by Cal Ripken, Jr.) playing in his 1,308th consecutive game.

* MLB played its first All-Star Game.

* Bing Crosby, Ethel Waters, and Duke Ellington were your biggest musicians of the year.

* Cavalcade was your Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

* Unfortunately, NAZI Germany took hold.

That was 1933.  And for a group of teenagers about to take to the hardwood in Madison, that was the last time their school colors were represented in the WIAA State Basketball Tournament.  They went 2-2 that year – yeah, the tourney was not single elimination back then, there was a consolation round.  This year, they’re aiming for 2-0.  They are the West De Pere Phantoms and they are today’s WIXX Preps Pick.

Congratulations on ending the drought, WDP.  Now go get that gold ball!  West De Pere plays this afternoon at 1:35.  You can hear all the action on our sister station 1440 WNFL if you’re looking for some play-by-play.

Best of luck to all of our area teams this weekend.  Keep your nominations coming HERE  and don’t forget to #WIXXPreps your photos.  We love to see ‘em.  

Tease Image: By Pbrown111 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons