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What's your dream purse?

by Pick Your Purse

Do you ever think you should be involved in our promotions or contests? Or ever think "I would have totally done it this way"? 

Well, now's your chance to participate in next year's Pick Your Purse! Believe it or not, we're busy planning next year's Pick Your Purse and want to get your input! 

Answer below in our comments with what type of purse you'd like to have in the gallery next year. Are you a Hobo girl? Clutch woman? Satchel gal? Tote lover? We want to know! We will make sure next year's purses are exactly what you want! It can be anything from style to color to brand. The more you give us, the better we'll be able to make next year's Pick Your Purse tailored to you!

So, if you have thoughts, put them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!