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The Photography Mecca of 2014...the "Ice Caves" of the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior!!

by Dave Kallaway

It was starting to drive me nuts.."Have you been to the Ice Caves??" Everybody would ask me that and so I felt like at some point I had to go. The big deal is that you can't access these caves on a yearly basis..it's been like 5 years now since you could..so I get why THOUSANDS of people have made the trek. But that's one reason why I struggled with the idea of photographing the caves...

A TON of photographers had already been there for the past month and half..posting incredible pictures. So my thought was.."hey..it's already been done" So why go. Well..I hit the commit button and talked my wife into coming up there with me. You realize that you have to "commit" full heartedly..because it's a long way there..and then once you're there..you'll be hiking quite a bit.

Some tips for going...take all your snow gear..whatever you normally would wear..good snow boots, ski poles help..those great ice grip covers that go on the bottom of your boots to keep you from slipping..extra water..energy bars..your CAMERA ofcourse..and if you can..someone to share the experience with. The last thing..patience. Parking is well organized but you might be a little way out from where you start hiking to the ice caves. So by the end of the day..you might walk between 2-5 miles..depending on how many caves you visit. Well worth the trip photographers. Go snap your own pics and you'll be glad you did! If you need any other info..I can help..E-mail me at dave.kallaway@wifc.com