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Pet Anxiety can be controlled

by Sean Stevens

My dog Sophie recently was outside in the backyard after a thunderstorm had passed when out of nowhere a huge thundercap exploded, and now, although she's 10 years old, suddenly she is afraid ever time she hears thunder.  She'll run and hide or run to me looking for comfort.  Your dog may have anxiety for any number of reasons and it may vary in intensity.  Marisa Dalessandro at www.pet360.com has a few treatment options you can try.  http://www.pet360.com/blog/post/with-love-and-wags/dog-anxiety-causes-and-treatment-options/Fx-aG-iMvUmczBNSwLqQ9g?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=WLAW07282013&extcid=SCMFB