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Potty training win!

by Nikki Montgomery

We've been working on potty training our 2 1/2 year old, Mia, for a while now. She was disinterested for a long time so we didn't push it. We talked to the doctor about it at her 2 1/2 year wellness check and he told us not to push it she'll just decide on her own one day to do it. If you force it they are more likely to regress.

We ask her often throughout the day if she needs to go potty and sometimes she gets really excited and says yes. She loves to make us happy (she is so her mother's daughter) so we always get excited and tell her how happy we are when she goes potty on the potty and that makes her happy.Most of the time she answers "No, I'm fine" and she'll go in her diaper. So frustrating.

My sister is one of our babysitters, she watches the girls a few days a week. Our other sitter has been sick though so my sister had the girls 4 days in a row last week. She watches them at my mom's house and there is a nice playground for the kids. Now that the weather is nice the kids want to be outside all day. So my mom and sister decided that they'd try putting the two year olds, Mia and my sister's daughter Riley, in panties while they were outside and if they peed they wouldn't like the feeling. When I asked for advice on Facebook last week this was the most common response to successful potty training.

Well, the first day Mia peed right away and didn't like it. The next day she went on the potty a couple times then peed her pants. The third day she wore a diaper all day. The fourth day she went potty on the potty all day. Didn't have an accident until she got home. Saturday we put her in panties and she did pretty good until we got to Josh's aunt's house for the Memorial Day cook out so it was pull-ups the rest of the day. Sunday we did a birthday celebration at my parent's house and all the kids were there so I was a little worried that she'd get busy and forget to go so we kept asking her. She did pretty good. It was late afternoon when she had an accident because it took too long to get from the playground to the bathroom. Yesterday she wore panties all day, even woke up from a nap to go potty. We ran out to the grocery store and she told me in the store that she had to go and she did. Not a single accident yesterday or overnight. We are still putting her in a diaper at night just in case and it was dry this morning.

She gave me a kiss yesterday and said, "Mama, you proud me?" YES I AM!! This morning she told me she's a big girl so she gets to wear Minnie panties. I'm so excited.

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