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Graduation Is For The Parents, Too

by Mark Evans

Well, we made it!  This weekend my daughter Heather graduated with "High Achievement" from Marquette Senior High School.

Up until she actually went through the ceremony she claimed she didn't want to walk through the process and her "just give me the damn paper" attitude was raging.  But, Grandparents came from several hours away - not to mention the Old Man...ME - so she went through it!

To understand my oldest child is to understand that she's a very smart young woman with a lot of passion and creativity.  And, like her Father....organized school just wasn't her thing; so she's glad to be done.  But as I looked around the arena at this sea of red caps and gowns, it dawned on me that this moment was just as much mine as it was hers, regardless of how she felt about it.

It was my moment to remember her first day of kindergarten in 2000....how she couldn't wait to dress up and go to school.

It was my moment to remember her school trip to Sault ste. Marie in third grade, when I took the day off to chaperon and we shared that day together.  That was day a Black Bear ran out in front of our bus and almost got hit.  She still talks about it!

It was my moment to remember, (as I cringe,) her first viola/string concert in fourth grade.  (Back then it sounded like a cat being poked in the eye with a stick....you'll be glad to know she graduated First Chair Viola in the High School Symphony Orchestra.)

It was my moment to remember helping her deal with the sadness of friends from 6th grade moving away.

It was my moment to recall her first shutout as a goalie on the high school soccer team....

....and 1000 more moments and memories that came flooding back during the 85 min. long graduation ceremony.  

Long story short....her school years have been her life up until this point.  And I realized just how much of that life I've had the honor of sharing with her.  It was humbling, as well as both happy and sad.  And the embrace we shared when it was over made me realize it's SO been worth the effort!