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How to talk to dad...some advice just in time for father's day (this Sunday)

by Jessie Hawkins


Father’s Day is in a few days and for some of us, it reminds us that we might not have the closest relationship with dear old Dad.

Here are a few ways to be better at communicating with him:

  • Get advice – If dad’s not the world’s best communicator, it may help to come to him with something he can help you with. Dads LOVE fixing stuff.
  • Do something else – If sitting there and staring at each other doesn’t seem quite comfortable, arrange an activity for just the two of you to spend time together.
  • Plan well – Dad may be less into a heart-to-heart if he’s watching the NBA Finals. Pick your time accordingly. (The Frisky)

Just Asking ... Do you have a tough time communicating with your dad? What, if anything, have you done to break down the barriers?